Mountain Climbing

Omani mountains with their towering heights, rocky and steep slopes and rugged tracks constitute a challenge for any mountaineer. In Oman, there are several climbing areas and their diversity corresponds to the climber’s skill, as there are the paved paths for beginners and the very rugged for the more experienced climber.

Mountain-ClimbingWadi Ghool in A’Sharqiyah South Governorate which rises to 300 metres provides an ideal spot for climbing.

Jabal Misht remains the best location for mountain climbing with its rocky front, perhaps the largest in the Arabian Peninsula. Its South-East front extends for approximately 6 kilometres, rising up to 850 metres, providing trails of all levels of difficulty. Musandam Governorate is famous for its many mountains. Also spread around Muscat are hills of various heights for climbing, whether for the beginner or the seasoned professional.

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